Newsletter 05 June 2018

Networking, Growth and Environment

Networking is the name of the game of all businesses and in fact of life itself. Though this has been mentioned many times, it is indeed connections that make a business grow and thrive. It is exactly because of this that eGrowth has always tried to connect everyone with each other as everyone does indeed have something to offer and something to gain from another. We cannot remain isolated and expect others to know who we are and what we can offer to them. Many people do not understand how to connect with people who have been there and done that which is why we share stories of all. This make people more connected and therefore more empowered. It also inspires us to know what all we can do to make our business better in all areas. Even in the area of environment, it is networking that can help us create a better world by spreading the right message. We can after create a better world only by working together.

Fortunately, India is a hub of people always having many ideas to offer each other and has been pretty effective in starting businesses, both big and small. We bring to you the stories of a premium member who we are proud to be supporting in the yeoman service he is doing and the story of a blogger who has understood the power of the internet world.

We at eGrowth are proud to be attracting a lot of talent in all sectors and shall surely continue to make India connect and thrive.


Listening to the elderly

Many of us seem to have forgotten the elderly which is one of the reasons there are organisations who try to bridge the gap.  Girish Gupta is the co-founder of an organisation that focuses on looking after senior citizens.

As this does require action, we are glad to be supporting those who are doing yeoman service in this area.

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Making everyone digital

There are some like people like Sunita Biddu, who  follow their dreams and in the process, inspire others to follow theirs.

In the new space of creating a presence in the digital world, she has made a mark for herself.

Given below are her answers to our queries

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World Environment Day 2018 theme, slogan: Moving towards a plastic-free future

Ever since its conception in 1974, World Environment Day has had a special theme relating to the pressing environmental concern at the time.

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GDPR: Why does a law enacted in Europe affect businesses in India?

Over the last week, all of us received several emails that read “We have updated our Privacy Policy”. One could have put it down to coincidence, but the sheer volume of emails rules that out. It turns out that these emails were, in fact, a direct result of sweeping global data protection reforms


Startup India: How fintech companies can help entrepreneurs roll out operations on the right note

As any entrepreneur would tell you, it’s not easy to start a business on your own. From building superlative products and services, to creating scalable business strategies and acquiring talent — entrepreneurs have to usually don many hats. Add the burden of legal and tax compliance to the mix, and the picture becomes even more blurry.

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DATA STORY: If data is the new oil, then Indian analytics firms are laughing all the way to the bank

Data has indeed become the new oil for businesses as a majority of organisations rely on data analytics to perform simple and sophisticated tasks.

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India’s government decides against levying duties on solar equipment imports

India’s solar power producers can rejoice. The government has decided against levying a 70% duty on imports of solar cells and modules from countries like China and Malaysia.

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