LEVERAGE in COVID19 times  –  1 July 2020
Updates form previous talks

New Delhi – November 2019

Mr. Karun Kumar
(Jt. Director, MSME Govt. of India)
Modules of  LEVERAGE in COVID19 times!!
The New World Order 

Covid-19 has altered the way world conducts business. This is evident form the fact that world over the lockdown has shattered the supply lines, and he pecking order in the world has changed.

We will have a deeper look into how the New World Order looks like!!

The Leverage Paradigm

We are operating in times of constraint. And LESS IS MORE” cannot be more true than it is today. 

In unprecedented times the way you design your business will define if you will survive or not. In such times, Leverage Paradigm is THE ONLY CHOICE!! How soon you adopt it, is YOUR CALL!!


In a world which is connected by the second, where the meaning of war has changed,  Me means Human Race.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to identify the available resources and choose a path judiciously!!

These are REAL concerns for Human Race today!!

What-So-Ever you have been doing till date will not be helpful in the New World. So its time for you to RE-Tool, RE-Boot, RE-Start.  LEVERAGE is the only way to go.

SCHEDULE:  Wednesday 1st July –  11:00 am – 12:30 pm (India Time)

The LEVERAGE paradigm is an approach to simplify your business and get you more Rupee for your Rupee. 


  • Primary Research

    • Atul is an Engineer by training and has traveled across the globe to get to know the business world first hand
    • He has interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs, business men and startup founders
  • Foundation of The LEVERAGE Model

    • The Leverage Model is grounded in Design Thinking, a concept which has been evolving since 1950s      
    • Frugal Innovation is another concept which has resulted in many disruptive developments 
  • The proof

    • In 2014 Atul proposed The eGrowth Framework which has evolved into eGrowth – The Leverage Platform
    • eGrowth is a community of over 28,000 entrepreneurs today


  • Good Question

    • Atul is not a trainer, he is a peoples’ person
    • In last 6 years Atul has taken about 10 workshops and trainings and he has never repeated his stuff
  • What do you call a trip to the unknown

    • Atul is known to bring up topics on which no workshops exist
    • He puts his best self to the topic to share what he has picked over time.


  • Look at the impact

    • Sit back and look at the impact of the way you conduct business
    • You are the business and your business is you.. Once you are gone, many answers will not be available
    • You an entrepreneur or a Self Employed person who has not been paid appropriately for years..
  • Market Dynamics

    • COVID 19 Lockdown has thrown many questions which were ‘out of syllabus’
    • While running the business, you are playing the catching up game every day


  • NO…

    • You will just get to know that there are many more such questions
    • You will realize that the syllabus has changed and the questions you have answered are out of syllabus
  • You will get to know who has the answers

    • You have all the answers, just need a little re-orientation
    • Questions are the answers
    • It time to RE-Tool, RE-Boot and RE-Start

The LEVERAGE Model gives you a richer perspective


Some of the largest businesses globally have fallen

Those who were written off have risen


The New World Order is indeed interesting!!

As human race we have evolved over the millennia, COVID19 is another small aberration and we are by your side. 

Discover eGROWTH – The leverage platform
The Leverage Model Participants Talk:

“The Leverage Model is a highly productive  concept. I am taking it back to my business where I will work on how to help my clients to gain success “


“I have been on eGrowth for about 8 months now and eGrowth is like family now. The Leverage model is very inspiring Atul has very ably  guided us from A to A Square “


“The Leverage Model is really a very nice concept, We have been working on building the network, and leveraging the resources, Atul has told how to leverage the networks itself”


“The Leverage Model is a very powerful workshop. It has opened up many new areas for me to work on and implement in my business. I recommend all to participate in this workshop”

Asootosh Kkant
(Software Solutions, Loyalty, ID Management)
The Leverage Model

Play G.O.L.F.


Bringing it all Together


Go To Market Plan


Product Roll-out Plan


Setting the direction right

Today we are faced with What Next

LEVERAGE in COVID19 times is an answer to ‘What Next’. After having spent 6 years to implement and perfect eGrowth Framework we realized, the business space has shifted. What worked then is not sufficient now.

Who should attend LEVERAGE in COVID19 times
Whether you are a solopreneur, an entrepreneur creating a new enterprise or a seasoned business owner, you are definitely chasing growth.
If you are looking for new ways to expand your business, spread to new territories or explore new business models. The Leverage Model is a must for you.
Here is a partial list of segments –
Job Worker
Digital Marketing Professional
Service provider
Trainer / Coach
Chartered Accountant
Buying Agent
Importer / Exporter
Company Secretary
Online Retailer
Marketing / PR
IT / Application Development
Start-up Founder
Holistic Healer
Business Advisor
Financial Advisor
Real Estate Agent
International Trade Body
You think of a business and it can become viable through LEVERAGE….
In times of uncertainty keep your ears to the ground and get back to the fundamentals of your business.  

Trust in God and Keep Your Powder Dry

“LEVERAGE in COVID19 times” enables you to get back to the fundamentals of  Your Business.  And the time to come on-board is NOW!!

“You will never regret you investment on ‘LEVERAGE in COVID19 times’  and if at all you do, claim your money back from me, No Questions Asked!!”  – Atul