CEO Talks – March 2019 – August 2019
Some of previous CEO talks
By Entrepreneurs | For Entrepreneurs | About Entrepreneurs
EXPERT TALKS – 3:00 pm

We invite Subject Matter Experts to share on topics which impact entrepreneurship at large. 

Its like an entrepreneur university where we have guest lectures form the experts!!


On Saturdays we have a panel discussion where we invite panelists form multiple stakeholders of entrepreneurship ecosystem

We are nurturing voice of the entrepreneurs. Such interventions help us bring may hidden secrets to life. !!

CHAUPAL – Experience Laziness – 9:30 am

Sunday is a day to relax. We meet to deepen our relationship among the entrepreneurs. 

As they say, A merry heart goes all the way, a sad heart tires in a while. Join is in the CHAUPAL to go all the way!!

Birds of same feather flock together!!

If you are an entrepreneur with a progressive bend of mind. C.E.O. Talks are for you. You will get to nurture a mindset for progress in leaps and bounds.

 WEEKDAYS, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, WEEKENDS 9:30 am – 10:30 am – EXPLORE MORE

C.E.O. Talks was an enabler for your business. You got to learn from other’s experience and mistakes thus avoiding expensive mistake. 


  • CEO Talks a Peer to Peer entrepreneurship platform

    • We invite entrepreneurs to share their expertise with other entrepreneurs
    • Its a public platform for entrepreneurs to leverage the community
  • We used to have talks and discussions everyday

    • Here is a list of upcoming Talks
    • During the weekdays we used to have entrepreneurs share their expertize with the participants
    • INDUSTRY CONNECT – On Saturdays we used to have a panel discussion wherein we invite a select group to discuss on a topic which is relevant to the entrepreneurs at large
    • CHAUPAL – Sundays were for free flowing conversation among the participants to deepen their relationship  
  • You are welcome to participate

    • We meet online on Weekdays  at 3:00 pm IST.
    • We meet online on Saturdy & Sunday  at 9:30 am IST. 
    • You can join us for an interactive session on ZOOM ID 622-633-944
    • Join us on Facebook Live
    • You can also see the recordings on YouTube, please SUBSCRIBE


  • You are special

    • We are here to empower and enable you (entrepreneurs) 
    • We invite speakers who can contribute to your business
  • We are For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs and About Entrepreneurs

    • All what we do revolves around entrepreneurship
    • If it does not add value to you, we do not do it.

Q 3: IS IT FOR ME! –

  • Contribution through talks

    • Our speakers are hand picked. They come to speak because they want to contribute by sharing their experience with entrepreneurs like you
    • Our speakers acknowledge that they have got a lot from the community and they use C.E.O. Talks to give back to the society
  • Sharing Good Practices

    • This is a great platform for you to share and learn good practices
    • If you are an entrepreneur who is open for learning and growing, CEO Talks may be for you
  • Sharing Opportunities

    • Many of our presenters share some excellent opportunities with the participants
    • Many of our participants make friends with other participants and this friendship matures to business opportunities.


  • Different Stakeholders from Business Ecosystem

    • We have had participants form Government & Policy Makers
    • Industry bodies such as Export Councils, Associations, Chambers, Federations
    • Startup Ecosystem
    • Women entrepreneur bodies
  • Some areas covered in the past

    • Governance and Compliance, Accounting, Legal
    • Sustainability, Environment
    • Industrial Engineering, Design, Information Technology
    • Branding, Sales, Marketing Digital Marketing, Online Presence
    • Business Automation, Systems & Structures


  • Here is how we prepare for your talk

    • A promo is made for your talk
    • The promo reaches about 100,000 people across eGrowth platform
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp
    • We send a mailer to about 45,000 users
  • This is what happens during the talk

  • After the talk

    • The recording of the talk gets uploaded on YouTube
    • We share a copy of the chat form the talk
    • We also share the list of the registered participants 
    • We also send a certificate of participation
  • How much do you pay

    • You have the choice of hosting 1 or multiple talks
    • 1 talks is for Rs 5000 + GST
    • 2 talks are for Rs 4000 each + GST
    • 3 and more are at Rs 3000 each+GST
    • Send a mail on or call 9899116054

The C.E.O. Talks give you a richer perspective of business


Some of the largest businesses globally have grown with collaboration

Those who went alone have fallen


The New World Order is indeed interesting!!

Its time that we work together and rise together.

Discover eGROWTH – The leverage platform
C.E.O. Talks Participants Share:

“The Leverage Model is a highly productive  concept. I am taking it back to my business where I will work on how to help my clients to gain success “


“I have been on eGrowth for about 8 months now and eGrowth is like family now. The Leverage model is very inspiring Atul has very ably  guided us from A to A Square “


“The Leverage Model is really a very nice concept, We have been working on building the network, and leveraging the resources, Atul has told how to leverage the networks itself”


“The Leverage Model is a very powerful workshop. It has opened up many new areas for me to work on and implement in my business. I recommend all to participate in this workshop”

Asootosh Kkant
(Software Solutions, Loyalty, ID Management)
eGROWTH Business Networks Model

Bringing Business Owners Together


Taking Your Business to the next level through networking, sales, resources , learning & development (training)


Ensuring Opportunities start to Discover You

Today we are faced with What Next

C.E.O. Times  is an innovative way to ‘Go Frugal’ and harness the power of business community. Remain relevant in the current times as the business dynamics change.

Who should attend C.E.O. Talks
Whether you are a solopreneur, an entrepreneur creating a new enterprise or a seasoned business owner, you are definitely chasing growth.
If you are looking for new ways to expand your business, spread to new territories or explore new business models. C.E.O. Talks is a must for you.
Here is a partial list of segments –
Job Worker
Digital Marketing Professional
Service provider
Trainer / Coach
Chartered Accountant
Buying Agent
Importer / Exporter
Company Secretary
Online Retailer
Marketing / PR
IT / Application Development
Start-up Founder
Holistic Healer
Business Advisor
Financial Advisor
Real Estate Agent
International Trade Body
You think of a business and it can become viable through COLLABORATION….
In times of uncertainty remain connected and get back to the fundamentals of your business.  

Believe in Yourself and Keep Holding Hands

“C.E.O Talks” enables you to get connected to the fundamentals of  Your Business.  And the time to come on-board is NOW!!

“You will never regret the time you invest on ‘C.E.O. Talks‘