INNER CIRCLE Meeting – Fridays at 7:30 am
Some live meetings
For the movers & Shakers

The members leverage ALL the available eGrowth resources – platform, structure, people. 

The relationships get deepened in a systematic manner !!


As a community we work towards raising the bar. We look at the gaps and create solutions to go beyond them

Laser sharp focus towards expansion . !!


We work on structures to raise the bar in a systematic fashion. 

Systems never fail, actions do!!

Birds of same feather flock together!!

If the world is your playground, success your signature. Inner Circle is your cockpit


Done all what you could think of to grow your business and hit the ceiling, Its time you break the roof. If you believe, you are meant to excel and you seek company of the most ferocious entrepreneurs on this planet, you are reading the right stuff


  • Your Growth Is Our Only Business

    • You get access to highly connected entrepreneurs
    • We organize weekly business networking meetings
    • You get to leverage our community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Portal and Mobile App
  • We are ABCDE – Active B2B Collaboration & Development Ecosystem

    • eGrowth has 35,000 entrepreneurs and growing
    • With an ever growing community all what you get is requirements
    • The inner circle has first right of refusal for the leads eGrowth gets


  • C.R.E.A.T.E. Session

    • It stands for Challenge, Resolution, Empathy, Analysis, Trust, Empower & Enable
    • In every meeting one person gets to present CREATE session
    • All the others deliberate on the issue to give inputs
    • A buddy helps to ensure the solutions are implemented
  • We solve your business problems

    • We go beyond leads and referrals
    • We resolve the bottlenecks in your business


  • Access to Subject Matter Experts

    • Through eGrowth you can access experts in all domains
    • Business Transformation coaches, consultants, trainers
    • Personal Transformation programs and workshops
  • Sharing Good Practices

    • This is a great platform for you to share and learn good practices
    • If you are an entrepreneur who is open for learning and growing, you are in great company


  • We are present across verticals and multiple location

    • You have access to businesses in Manufacturing, Engineering, B2B Services, International Business, Consulting and Coaching, ICT etc
    • Being multi-locational businesses our members can get you connected across the globe
    • 26 years is the average experience across INNER CIRCLE. Their relationships run deep
  • We Connect All Stakeholders of Business Ecosystem

    • Industry bodies such as Export Councils, Associations, Chambers, Federations etc
    • Retired Government Officials & Policy Makers
    • Startup, Ecosystem – Policy Makers, Inculabors, Accelerators, Investors
    • Women Entrepreneur Bodies
    • Media & Trade Shows


  • Get Rewarded for your achievements

    • Become Mentors
    • Join the Leadership Team
    • Get Speaking Opportunities in eGrowth and outside
    • Represent eGrowth on other platforms
The New World Order is way different!!

Successful businesses globally have leveraged their way to unprecedented growth

Those who went alone have fallen


INNER CIRCLE Members Share:

“The Leverage Model is a highly productive  concept. I am taking it back to my business where I will work on how to help my clients to gain success “


“I have been on eGrowth for about 8 months now and eGrowth is like family now. The Leverage model is very inspiring Atul has very ably  guided us from A to A Square “


“The Leverage Model is really a very nice concept, We have been working on building the network, and leveraging the resources, Atul has told how to leverage the networks itself”


“The Leverage Model is a very powerful workshop. It has opened up many new areas for me to work on and implement in my business. I recommend all to participate in this workshop”

Asootosh Kkant
(Software Solutions, Loyalty, ID Management)
When You are faced with What Next

‘Go Frugal’, INNER CIRCLE  is an innovative way to harness the power of a curated business community.

Who should consider to join INNER CIRCLE
If you are a successful entrepreneur or a starry eyed startup who is looking to alter the way the world conducts B2B business INNER CIRCLE is for you .
If you are looking for new ways to expand your business, spread to new territories or explore new business models. INNER CIRCLE is a must for you.
Inner Circle members come from multiple industries
B2B Traders
Enterprise Applications
Industrial Services
Business Transformation
Compliances (GRC)
Buying Agent
Importer / Exporter
International Business
IT / Application Development (ICT)
Online Services
Online Solutions – SAAS
Marketing / PR
Start-up Founder
Trade Association
Chamber of Commerce
International Trade Body
Anything B2B ….
To experience consistent growth,  connect and leverage those who cause it.  

be at the source

INNER CIRCLE” enables you to nurture business relationships with the movers and shakers of the industry.  And the time to explore is NOW!!

“You will cherish the time you invest on ‘INNER CIRCLE‘