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Sure you can join eGrowth for free. And as a free user you can do the following

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We have a number of subscription plans.

  • FREE - You can create your profile and have a read only access for most sections
  • BASIC - a) You can search for people & businesses and get their contact details. b) You can respond to opportunities posted on the portal. c) You can be an admin in a premium WhatsApp group
  •  ANNUAL - This is a subscription for an individual. On top of Basic subscription you get to a)  create a Business Portrait to showcase your business. b) You can be a member in multiple WhatsApp groups c) You can host eGrowth Mixers
  • ENTERPRISE - This is an annual subscription for an enterprises wherein multiple people can have premium access
Click here to compare the subscriptions in detail and also to subscribe

eGrowth has a network of WhatsApp groups. All the members on our groups are business owners and entrepreneurs.   The purpose of these groups is to help promote your business. You may ask for your requirements or promote your products and services. or you may ask for references.

eGrowth stands for value creation for all its members. For this we have defined a code of conduct for our WhatsApp groups. eGrowth: eGrowth CODE OF CONDUCT Welcome ?? to eGrowth. We exist to empower and enable businesses. For this a certain level of discipline and rigour is required. Please note these points :- Update your profile eGrowth.org 1. All messages to be posted between 0700 am till 1100 pm (on WhatsApp) 2. NO Greetings (Good Morning etc.) 3. You may promote your business everyday, share these kind of messages- a. Post Requirements b. Respond to Requirements c. About your business, products and services f. Share invites for events, workshops and seminars Day wise sharing MONDAY: Requirements WEDNESDAY: Offers FRIDAY: Success stories and testimonials SATURDAY: Introduce your business SUNDAY: Dhamal 4. You are advised to do due diligence, while conducting business with the group members, eGrowth is not responsible for any liabilities. WHAT NOT TO DO a) Do not forward unrelated messages - i. Jokes, ii. Inspirational messages iii. Third party videos or images iv. Unrelated News Items b) Do not post group links to collect numbers c) Do NOT promote MONEY CIRCULATION schemes or cryptocurrency d) Do not promote spurious, illegal, 'first copy', duplicate products* e) Do not use undignified language, disregard women or stalk women or in any manner cross the social norms* * Zero Tolerance COLLABORATION | EXCELLENCE | OPPORTUNITIES

To bring workability we have categorized eGrowth WhatsApp groups. eGrowth has following categories of WhatsApp groups - MODERATED ?Premium - This has entrepreneurs from all across, all the members are paid subscribers or are invited members Group Icon - White background ?Exclusive - These are admin only groups which have people who have attended eGrowth events in the past. Paid Subscribers are admins Group Icon - White background ?Moderated Regional Groups - These are admin only groups having entrepreneurs from same region or sub region Group Icon - Black background NOT MODERATED ?Industry Groups - Members are entrepreneurs from same industry Group Icon - Black background ?Women Groups - These are groups for women entrepreneurs Group Icon - Violet background ?Janta Groups - These are unmoderated, regional groups Group Icon - brick background You can read more about eGrowth WhatsApp Network here

eGrowth is world's first BAD (Business Advisory & Business Development) ecosystem. Our purpose is to empower and enable small and growing businesses on this planet. We use multiple platforms - both online as well offline to engage with the business community and support them to take the business to next level

eGrowth has been at it since 2014. The idea was conceived in July 2014 and the community started to build thereafter. The formal company was created in April 2017.

There can be following scenarios - 1.  You have not created a profile. Go to login and create your profile. a. Key in your email id, Mobile number and password b. You can also login using your Facebook Id, LinkedIn Id or Google Id 2. You do not remember the password. In such a case, click on  Forgot Password link to create a new password. You will get a mail to create a new password. In case you are not able to find the mail in the inbox, search spam folder.

Once you login, click on the button which says Hi "Your name" The drop down will have an option My Blog. Click on My Blog. It will take you to list of all the articles you have posted. It also has an option to add blog. From here you can post a new article. Once the article is posted, it will be reviewed by our content team and then published Happy Blogging

If you own multiple businesses, you may promote all of them. We recommend following methods to promote your business -

  • Call the people
  • Meet the people
  • Send mail to the people
Do not spam the others, this may result in you getting suspended

You may use multiple channels to promote your business -

  • On eGrowth Portal you may do the following
    • Publish your profile
    • Publish business portrait for your business
    • Connect with other business owners through peer to peer messages, phone and email
    • Publish blog and articles
    • List events
    • participate in discussions
    • Post requirements (asks) and offers (gives)
  • You may chat on eGrowth WhatsApp Network
  • You may also participate in Facebook Group
  • And LinkedIn Group
  • And the most effective is participating in eGrowth Mixers and also to host eGrowth Mixers
Wish you Great Growth in your business

At eGrowth you can list yourself as a person and your company is listed as a separate entity. You can have multiple companies and all of them are separate entities.

  • CLICK HERE to create a personal profile
  • CLICK HERE to list a new company. A company listing is called a business portrait.
  • To edit your profile click My Account in your dashboard
  • To edit the list of companies, click My Company