About eGrowth

eGrowth is world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Development) ecosystem. We are an integrated, dynamic platform for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Startups.
On the portal you can publish your profile and add your company. You can post requirements, Offers, Articles, Events, Training, Workshops  and a lot more.
You can seek business advice by posting your challenges on eGrowth Portal. You can also leverage the platform by consulting our curated Industry Experts to support your business at whenever you are stuck.
You can promote your business at almost ZERO COST through eGrowth Mixers,  eGrowth Portal and eGrowth communities on the LinkedIn, Twitter,  Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram.
You may be into manufacturing, services, trading, training, consulting …. eGrowth is the place for you to expand your business. You may want to introduce new products or services or you may want to take your business to new frontiers, eGrowth can help you . You may want to franchise your business, we can support. You need Man, Money, Machine, Method or Material, you can always fall back on eGrowth because Your Growth is Our Business.
eGrowth is committed to support your business in multiple ways –
  • CONNECT: Buyers, Sellers and Channel partners on one platform
  • PROMOTE: Effectively Promote your business and generate leads
  • EXPAND: your business to new territories and new lines of business
  • TECHNOLOGY: Adopt technology for Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • AUTOMATE: Your business processes and run your business highly profitable
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Participate in trade shows, workshops and training

Here is a partial list of how you can leverage eGrowth in your business –

  • Develop a reliable network of channel partners, vendors and advisors
  • Get cost effective, organic leads
  • Communicate effectively to your prospects, customers and suppliers
  • Get found by customers
  • Capacity building to meet growth targets
  • Access resources – Man, Money, Machine, Material and Methods
This is an ongoing journey to cause Exponential Growth in Business.

The eGrowth Business Model

We work with a philosophy of ‘Your Growth is Our Business’ This is our purpose of existence
eGrowth engages with you such that you cause holistic growth in business. The underlying approach is to have Collaboration, Excellence and Opportunities.

We constantly work towards creating Value for the participants. To ensure this we get Subject Matter Experts onboard, Study and share Policies, We also have a pool of Investors and funding organizations. We also collaborate with Trade bodies.
The three pillars are
COLLABORATION – Unlike the traditional business which is grounded in competition and the competitors are driving your business policies, Collaboration allows you to join hands and play larger games in business

EXCELLENCE – It is just about taking your business to a higher orbit. It has 4 pillars –

  • NETWORK – The possibility of doing business is as large as the network you have. At eGrowth you get to leverage the network for building your business
  • INFORMATION ON DEMAND– In information age, getting the right information when you need it, is a challenge. We envisage to deliver Information on Demand to forward your business
  • TECHNOLOGY ON DEMAND– We know technology is required, but how to deploy and what to deploy are not known. eGrowth plays the role of an enabler to help you adopt technology in your business
  • TRAINING – An organization which stops learning stops growing. eGrowth helps you identify your learning needs and helps to fulfill them by selecting appropriate trainers
OPPORTUNITIES – Collaboration and Excellence ensure that the opportunities created are highly profitable