My Journey – Tripti Israni

Please tell us about yourself

Coming up with substantial experience of around 5 years with start-up ecosystem, a connoisseur of Indian Hiring market. Started career with Indian Team of US, California based startup In 2014. Along with, an avid reader, clumsy writer and a day dreamer who believes in “process of manifestation” & “law of attraction”. Worked with NGOs like Smile Foundation which is supporting less privileged children community through education & healthcare. Associated with Centum Organisation, which is providing employment & training support to specially abled community.

Share about what you do

Running SkillEdge, an HR service solution for startups. Delhi based 3 months old venture, already catering 30+ startups including major brands of Digital marketing, E-commerce, AI, IoT verticles. Purpose behind starting SkillEdge was clear. Hiring is always priority for any company, besides service & product. New ventures have to struggle at this phase- as its difficult to attract talent with so much competition or if you assign job to any of your acquaintance, you have to compromise with authority. SkillEdge is trying to act as liaison between complex network of talent & promising new businesses. Our Team is women empowered, along with regular team we have a close knitted cloud network of recruiters from cities like Mumbai, Agra, Indore, Orissa, Gurgaon. Most of them are newbie moms or married, once dubious about their professional growth & couldn’t think of continuing with their jobs due to family responsibilities & other concerns. But their drive pulled them towards SkillEdge where they got opportunity to work as a full time employee or freelancer, & earning around Rs 20-25 K per month. Idea is to take charge of whatever work you’re doing.

Say something about your beginning

My purpose or ‘why’ was clear after working with TweetSecret when no consultant was ready to work with us. Even being a US funded company, we had to face questions of stability, skepticism, & authenticity. Even candidates were not aware of benefits & challenges of working with start-ups. Luckily now we are at the bloomed up era of startups. More of a reason to work on my WHY.

What have been some of your achievements

My biggest achievement so far has been to provide a platform to these women who are keen to continue their career but not having enough support. They are not only continuing with the work what they love, but every day learning something new with work or profile challenges they face. Financial freedom plays a major role in an individual’s interpersonal development. Other achievement is to get a network of clients who not only believe in me & my team, but also help & guide us in growth.

The difference you have made to others

My team is always inspired by the new clients they get a chance to work with & for. That enthusiasm in their voices & faces states that they love what they are doing. This also helps me in getting that I’m doing something right. On the other side, when a client drops you a mail stating how I’ve helped him/her in making this entrepreneurial journey a bit smoother by taking all “team or people” related responsibilities, not only boost up confidence but every time rejuvenates my purpose.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Persistence as every day is bringing a new challenge, empathy as it’s essence to be a leader, belief in stoicism or always having Plan B in pipeline.

Anything else you wish to share

In the age of AI & chatbots, many recruitment solutions are flooding into the ecosystem. But the crucial thing which we are forgetting is our team consists of human, not robots. And no automated system can take care of human needs, growth or aspirations.
  Tripti is the Founder, Managing Director of Delhi based HR recruitment firm Skill Edge.
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