Newsletter 10 July 2018

Following dreams

I don’t know why people have stopped dreaming. Whether in childhood or later, we all do need to dream to create a better world for ourselves and others. This has been our dream right from the beginning and we have just now given up whatever the situation may be. Other than monetary success, it is only dreams that make us happy for being where we are, after all. As it is often said, let us live a life with no regrets and this can happen only if we follow our dreams.

In our journey, we found that many of us find it very difficult to chase and follow our dreams but the fact is it is dreams that empower us in all areas. We have seem many people empowered in all areas just by following their dreams are always happy when they are  part of our family. For eGrowth is indeed a family of enablers all through our journey.

We also bring to you stories of India’s growth in several sectors.

 Blooming in many professions

It is quite unusual to come across someone who wears many hats. That of an entrepreneur, a professional and yes, a poet to boot.

This is Zia Khan, one of our premier members. We all do have a lot we could learn from him, for sure.

Answers to our queries

What made you step into the domain you are in now?

I have always been an extrovert and into meeting new people and love travelling, so sales and marketing was a natural fitment for me.

 What have you gained from an association with eGrowth?

This is a great platform for meeting up and interacting with similar minded entrepreneurs! Also it gives a lot of coverage where an individual cannot reach.

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Eastern Peripheral Expressway: As PM Modi inaugurates India’s 1st smart-green highway, 10 reasons it’s special

PM Modi inaugurates Eastern Peripheral Expressway: India’s first smart and green 6-lane highway is impressive for several reasons.

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The Network Effect

Retaining top talent is a bugbear for startups globally but OYO has bucked the trend. Read how a startup run by a college dropout has been able to retain and motivate its team of highly qualified professionals

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Big boost! China’s Fosun will invest in early-stage startups in India

Its plan to back ventures that are far earlier in their life cycle will make it potentially the first strategic investor from the Middle Kingdom to enter the Indian startup circle

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SoftBank to invest up to $100 billion for solar power generation in India, says report

The company is expected to make the investment through a fund backed by Saudi Arabia’s government, NHK said.

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