My Journey – Riddhi Doshi

Please tell us about yourself

I am a strong, independent, educated and passionate woman. My strength comes from my family that supports me and encourages me. My independence makes sure that I am responsible for my actions and ensures that I face challenges and adversities headlong. My education helps me educated others and share my knowledge with the less privileged and those in need. My passion encourages me create venues where I can connect with women and children from all walks of life & platforms and help them find their true selves. I am a strong believer of good intentions and that small things/actions make a great difference.

Share about what you do

 I am a Performance Skills Trainer, Behavioural Training Coach & Child Psychologist and Entrepreneur. I work with women and children and help them unleash their potential and inborn talents. Each individual has something unique about her and it’s only a matter of time before she comes face to face with that unique quality. For men it’s much easier to find this individuality and uniqueness; however for women and children it is much more difficult. Even if a woman does know what makes her special and different from the rest; she is most often unable to hone and nurture that talent because of family responsibilities, societal pressures and priorities in life. Helping her find that unique quality and use it advantageously in her day to day life is what I aim to do. Once a woman knows her true potential and finds encouragement and support; she will flourish and be a better version of herself from within and for the other world as well. As for children and the youth; helping them comprehend their true skills/talents and giving them opportunities and avenues to utilise them helps them become confident and sure about themselves. I am only the means to a very beautiful end.

Say something about your beginning

I’ve had a wonderful life as a child. One among four daughters born to educated intellectuals in Gujarat, we all had a beautiful childhood filled with education, learning, games, outdoors, religion, culture, family bonding and all things nice. We also had the privilege of finding our own identities and carving a niche for ourselves. Our parents never stopped us or discouraged us from spreading our wings and finding our true calling. I studied Law and therefore practiced under an established lawyer in Navsari. I went to London and studied Child Psychology and then graphology. Soon matrimony happened and I moved to Mumbai. Thankfully I was married into a family that encouraged my decision to be more than just a wife or a daughter-in-law. I pursued my passion for dance and drama, and kept feeding my thirst for knowledge and learning. While pregnant with my son I also ventured out as an entrepreneur and started my own homemade Mocktail manufacturing company. I was already working with women and children while in college and had set up Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd with the single aim of reaching out to the youth and helping them become polished shining Diamonds from the uncut rocks that they were. Post the birth of my son I started actively working with children and teens having behavioural issues or personality identification issues. Somewhere along the way I also started noticing that the mother’s who accompanied these children needed as much guidance as the children themselves. I then looked out more and saw many women who had lost themselves and their true identities in their quest to becoming perfect wives and dutiful daughters-in-law. It was upsetting to see talented, intelligent and ambitious women burying their true fighting spirit under a shroud of tradition, orthodox family values and responsibilities all for the sake of a judgmental society which did not contribute to a single percent of her actual life. This injustice done to a woman actually by herself made my blood boil and that’s when I decided to come out with a forum – Laja, where women like these are able to express themselves, find themselves and realistically do something for themselves. I do not promote a ‘Feminist” idea of shunning the family and men to grow; instead I believe in a holistic growth where a woman uses her inborn strengths & talents and with help from fellow women & her own family tries to reach for the skies. LAJA is not just an online forum; it is a movement towards empowering and enriching women’s lives not just from within but also on the outside.

 What have been some of your achievements

Being invited to as an Inspirational Speaker at Tedx – CTAE was one of the biggest achievements for me in the year 2017. Besides this, I have had the distinction of being honoured with the National Award for cultural activities, young entrepreneur’s award and I am the National award winner for cultural activities and am certified for Personality Development and Child Psychology from Mumbai & London.

The difference you have made to others

I have not calculated or quantified the impact of my work. However every time I get invited to speak at an event I ask ‘why me’. The answer to that is usually that they had heard about me and my work from women who have changed their perspective to life after having met or interacted with me. This is testimony to my work and my passion for my work. Knowing that women have benefited from my talk or workshop gives me a sense of satisfaction. Additionally when the women I have ‘empowered’ come back to me and help me empower more women through my various programs, workshops and seminars I feel content. Similarly when young boys and girls meet me and tell me that having attended one of my workshops in their teens they are now more confident and poised and aware of life gives me a ‘mother hen’ kind of a feeling. I put out my chest in pride and cluck away happily.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I do not want any acknowledgement. I work without the need for thanks or appreciation. I do what I do with the sole purpose of making a difference. If acknowledgments and accolades come along the way I will accept them gracefully; however they are not prerequisites to my work towards empowering women and enriching the lives of the youth.

Anything else you wish to share

Yes, I want all the women out there to know that they need to First love, accept and appreciate themselves if they want to change the way the society perceives them. I personally believe that we are all equal. Each one of us has the talent, potential and capability to find our own paths and surge to success. What we lack is the conviction and self belief. Once we realize our own worth then the sky and beyond is the limit. So find that spark within you and don’t just be on the sidelines watching others pick up their laurels. Pull back your shoulders, take a deep breath and take that FIRST step towards a Successful and New You.
 Riddhi is a trainer, coach and a child psychologist. She has founded Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd and Lajja, a platform to empower women.
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