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Atul-Puri 13th July 2018 880Category: Information Technology (IT)

In current times Information Technology (IT) is the back bone of the business. IT  plays a role from the day the idea is conceived.  As a committed partner in your business we help you in this domain as well.

eGrowth is an IT enabled platform and we believe IT is a weak link for most of the businesses. We empower your business through our personal experience in the Industry and help you to make appropriate choices.

There can be multiple approaches –

  • Rudimentary approach – Use the basic applications and brute force to manage your work
  • Standard Applications – We can suggest applications which you can consider
  • Custom Applications, Outsourced Development – We can help you to identify appropriate Software Development partners
  • Custom Applications, Inhouse Development – We can consult you to the extent which you choose

To help you identify what applications you may need for Growth Hacking in your business we have compiled a list here –

  • Collaboration –
    • Email – Personal, Enterprise, Secure, Cloud based, Archival, SAAS, On Premises
    • Chat – Instant messaging, Customer Service, Lead Generation, Chat Bots
  • Web Portal
    • Website – Having a dedicated address on WWW. A simple application to share information
    • Web Portal – There can be different levels of complexity –
      • Allowing customers to explore products and services.
      • May also have the provision to sell online.
      • May allow visitors to ‘Login’ and have a personal experience
      • May be integrated with other services such as logistics
      • May use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Sales Promotion
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – tracking customer engagement
    • Field Tracking – Tracking Field Sales for actionable intelligence
    • Sales Force Automation – Tracking the B2B funnel
    • Email Campaigns – Managing email campaigns to engage the prospects and customers
    • Social Media Campaigns – Manage Social Media Marketing from a console
    • Chat Bots – Engaging inbound prospects
    • Inbound Marketing – combination of some of these components for maximum returns
    • Drip Marketing – SMS, Mail, Social Media campaigns, other instant messaging platforms
    • E-commerce Platforms – Selling through e-commerce platforms
  • Financial Services
    • Invoicing – Making Invoices
    • Accounting – Invoices, managing complete accounts, Reports
  • Production / Inventory Management
    • Finished Goods – Managing the stocks of finished goods
    • Work in Progress – Tracking various stages of manufacturing of goods
    • Raw Material – Managing appropriate levels of supplies to maintain a smooth flow
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Managing multiple aspects of business through a single platform – Finance, Production, HR, Admin..
  • Custom Applications
    • You may have some very specific applications which may need proprietary Algorithms

Do write to us and we will help you identify appropriate partners to build the IT backbone for your business

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