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6 Weeks Basic Photography Course
Types of camera and its handling (Analog & Digital 35mm) Tripod and its handling Lenses / Optics Film speed / ISO Exposure (Theory & Practical) Aperture (F) Basic Depth of field by (f) Shutter Speed (S.S.) Camera Setting inside & outside Metering Mode Exposure Point and Focus Point How to lock Exposure & Focus Shooting Modes (M, TV, AV, S, A, P, Full Auto and Full Auto without flash) Image Format and its Quality Focusing Mode Manual & Auto Focus White Balance Color Temperature Basic Composition Types of light N.L. & A.L. Reflector and its use show all types of reflectors How to make reflectors Basic studio shooting with Tungsten or Continues Light Portraits, Mid and full-length shoot in studio and out door Basic product shooting in studio with tungsten light Basic Night Photography (Theory & Practical) How to shoot multiple exposure How to Shoot Fantastic Light Trails for Maximum Effect (Theory & Practical) Photography Tours in Delhi or Out of Delhi Outdoor Day Light Shootings like (Nature, Monuments Birds and Animals) Zoo photography Portraits, People and Landscape Photography (Practical Outdoor) Show and Discussion on Outdoor Day Light Shoot Basic Photoshop Editing Talk on Walk How To develop Basic Photography Course Portfolio Submission of Basic Photography course Portfolio Display of work
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