Sales & Marketing Automation
eGrowth Knowledge Series – These are monthly workshops which happens at Mumbai on the first Saturday of the month. These series allow our participants to remain in contact with what is happening in the World and how they can transform their business to cause Exponential Growth. About Sales and Marketing Automation – Sales & Marketing Automation is a powerful tool for brands as it allows them to create a rich profile of their audience and use targeted marketing messages to help drive conversions. In order for automation to work effectively data must be turned into insights that help to create strong customer lifetime value models and optimize marketing messages. Automation of Sales & Marketing Strategy will cover the following –
  • Efficiency of Sales Process and Team
  • Technology as an Accelerator
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management ( CRM)
  • The Real Story
  The Facilitators – Nitin Gujarathi is the Principal Consultant at Renukiyam eSols. He comes with over two decades of experience in managing & guiding SMBs and Start-ups. Played a pivotal role in establishing organizations in India and Asia Pacific region. Executed engagements in industry domains such as Insurance, Financial Services, Information Technology & Software Services, ITeS / Business Process Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure and PC Manufacturing. Atul Puri Divisional Manager- Key Accounts at UTC – Building & Industrial Systems In addition - Founder  eGrowth@Biz Ecosystem Atul is a passionate Business Development person, always looking at how he can create greater Customer Value. He has done this while he was selling products, services or solutions to Individuals, Government or large Corporates. His purpose in life is to leave a legacy behind for the Small and Medium Enterprises. He started his career selling Mobile Phones on the streets of Mumbai and today has the distinction of working with a Fortune 50 company managing some large Corporates as customers.
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