Consultants ....Are you  prepared to Grow in Digital Age ? It's not only large firms that are at risk of becoming obsolete in the digital economy. Small businesses and independent consultants face the same risk, and those that haven't moved with the digital times are already finding it difficult to find business. This is because they haven't yet learned how to leverage digital tools to market their services. The old ways don't work anymore, because our world has changed but many haven't changed with it. Those prepared to shift their mindsets and learn about digital tools and new business models will really thrive in the digital economy. The rest will become the Kodaks and Blockbusters of the professional services world. Once great, but too set in their old ways of working. You know how to Consult - now learn how to sell and Transform Business  using digital tools Independent professionals do what they do because they're good at it. They help their customers do things that they're not so capable of doing themselves. Unfortunately, being great at your craft doesn't make you great at marketing your services or leveraging digital tools to generate more business and digital revenue channels. The most successful independent consultants give themselves the gift of new education and up-skill themselves in areas that lay outside their core capabilities. This includes learning how to leverage digital tools and techniques to win more business. Does any of this sound familiar? 1. You're a high-calibre independent consultant with tremendous expertise, but you don't know where to start in terms of leveraging digital to generate growth and a pipeline of new business. 2. You've spent countless hours surfing the net, using LinkedIn and Twitter trying to build relationships and you're sick of the fact that it hasn't got you very far. 3. You post, like and share articles, trying hard to let people know you exist and are available - but no authentic hiring companies call for your help. You're left to chase opportunities with the masses.
Hotel Rangsharda, Bandra (W)
Event Date: 24-11-2018
Time Introduction
09:00 - 18:00 2 days Workshop