4 Part Online Workshop on Creating Business Growth Systems To SURVIVE, SUSTAIN & THRIVE Your Business.
A strategically designed DAWN process by 6 experts to help you boost your business in any economy Part – 1 DISCOVER The Hidden Potential of Business. In 1st week we will cover: Discover your Vision, Mission & Goals Systems Discover personal and business strengths & weakness Identify the gaps & Defining Your Business Model Discover the secret key to adopt the ever changing and challenging environment Action Step – Assessment of current business operation and way forward Bonus 1 – One Hour Business Plan Workbook Bonus 2 – Freemium Business Model Bonus 3 – Business Opportunity Framework Part – 2 AWARE - Finding your Perfect Marketing Formula ??????? In 2nd week we will cover: Identify Your Idea Client Understanding changing market condition, customer, and competition 3 phases of most successful marketing plan ( 3 S) Designing your marketing strategy Action Step – Assessment of your marketing systems and way forward Bonus 1 - 31 best ways to Market your business Bonus 2 - All in One Social Media Strategy Guide Bonus 3 - One Page Marketing Plan Canvas Part – 3 WINNING CLIENTS - Secrets to converting prospects into clients. ???????In 3rd week we will cover: 6 Step selling cycle you must master to close more sales The Anatomy of a Closing a sale Delivering a Winning Presentations Action Step - Assessing your sales systems and a way forward Bonus – Lead Generation Checklist Part – 4 NURTURING CLIENT RELATIONASHIP Master the process of building and maintaining a relationship with the customer ??????? In 4th week we will cover: Focusing on your customer: Why you should care? 3 Challenges of Customer Service System The two critical functions of your business. Serve your customers better than your competitors Action Step – Evaluate the effectiveness of Customer Service and next step Bonus - The four main systems in your business that virtually guarantee your business success.
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