*Heal Your Life With Neelam*
*We all want happy relationships, money and health but we often fail to bring a balance of the three*
*Have you ever wondered why does it happens?*
*What is the science behind it?*
*Are there any tools or techniques if used can create miracles ?*
*Now you can get these answers and solutions that wouls specifically work for you*
*Mavin* invites you to a special program on *Heal Your Life With Neelam*
Led by *Neelam Bakshi, Body Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach*
*A power-packed program to uncover the source of abundance in our life*
*Benefits of the program:*
?Find the key to the treasure of relationships, money and health
?Learn the tools and techniques to bring result in a miraculous way
?Attract abundance, happiness and fulfullment in life
Day: *Thursday*
Date: *3rd Sep, 2020*
Time: *3.00pm-4.30pm*
Registration fee: *399/- INR*
*Register here:*
*Register Now!!*
Only limited spots available*
*Life is fun with happy relationships, health and wealth, and there is a way to achieve it*
Your learning partner,
Team Mavin Magic
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