eGrowth@Biz evolved out of a conversation that a business is very dynamic and it faces a variety of challenges all the time. This was an initiative to work with a variety of businesses and leave them into action, with high levels of productivity present at the very basic, ‘molecular’ level. eGrowth@Biz was a 1 day seminar to offer ample scope to learn innovative & creative tools , techniques to grow Businesses. We believe in the fact that businesses, no matter how small or medium they are, ultimately they are contributing to national economic development therefore it is imperative that they are invested in especially through branding and technology. THE AUDIENCE: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, People considering to start their own business THE TAKEAWAY: Being Innovative and Exploring Collaboration Create Opportunities in unexplored domains Courageously manage Resources (Man, Money and Machines) Own a network of like minded entrepreneurs Access to magnificent Subject Matter Experts Location: Mumbai Date: 1st November, 2014
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