Doctor's Series
*Good Day to all Divine Beings of Light* ?? We are coming up with *Doctor's Series.* We are introducing you the renowned *Doctors* who are the *real* *warriors* in this Pendamic. *Meet Dr. Anju Gupta, Senior Ophthalmologist. Gold Medal In Ms- Ophthalmology, Silver Medal In MBBS* *You are invited to join us on 16 July, 2020 at 4pm.* The Topic is *"How our kids can take care of their eyes as everything is online today."* *The links to all my pages are below:-* *Website :* *E Mail :* & *My Facebook Page Link:* *My Instagram Link :* *My Facebook Link:* ? *Love and Light* ? *The Soul Reviver* *Sandhya* *9654928818* *7291895562* **