*Happy Hoteliers Club (HHC)* LStyle Episode 1
Namaste ?
For all the tea lovers around.We will be breaking few myths about teas and discussing about teas as immunity building and the right way to have it Alton with some easy hacks to de stress ourselves with a powerful coach *Gazal* *Luthra*
*Happy Hoteliers Club (HHC)* LStyle Episode 1
*When : 8th August 2020, Saturday, 4:00 pm India*
Join us for an interesting session with Industry and Hospitality Specialists.
*De-stress with Storytelling Conversation on All About Teas and More*
-- De-stress with Gazal Luthra, an Author and     Mindset Makeover Coach
-- Modern era "Tea Lounges" at Hotels
-- Wellness Recipe
-- Immunity Building with Tea
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