*Ethical Mind Influence*
*Dear Entrepreneurs, CXOs, Executives, Financial Advisors, Network Marketers & Coaches*
*Are you finding communications a challenge in your personal & professional lives?*
If yes, this ? is for YOU.
*Ethical Mind Influence*
- *7 Secrets to Influence People Ethically with NLP Based Communicative Intelligence.*
In this 2-hours of action-packed Masterclass, you will learn *GOPTA NLP & Communicative Intelligence based Hacks* that will help you to:
 ? 3 Secrets of *mastering your communications* to *win more clients* than you can serve.
?  3 Secrets to *explode your sales* without spending on Advertising even during & after the lockdown.
? 3 Secrets to *maximise your profits* by 300% in a year by enabling your Sales Teams even during challenging times.
? 3 *biggest mistakes* Entrepreneurs, Financial Advisors, Network Marketers & Coaches Commit.
... so that you can *guide the conversations to your advantage.*
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*Date & Time*:-
*July 26 (Sun)    1100 to 1300 hrs*
*Venue : ONLINE Zoom Session*
*Language : Hinglish*
With thanks & regards,
- Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
An Author, GOPTA NLP Trainer,  Growth Accelerator Coach and Strategic Interventionist
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