*Design Your Business*
*Design Your Business*
Remember the jingle  – Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma sab ki pasand NIRMA. Karsanbhai Patel started a one man enterprise in 1969. By 1985, they were a national brand
At the core of this success is a formidable Business Design.
• Mr. Karsabhai mastered the product
• Nirma reached out to the middle class with a simple product at an economical price
• They expanded in a very structured manner and used the media in a very intelligent manner
• The result was HLL, a multi-national giant, a category leader was caught sleeping
• Rest is history
*FREE Orientation Talk*
TOPIC - *Design Your Business*
DAY - *Sunday, 30th August 2020*
TIME - *11:00 am - 12:30 pm*
I am going to uncover the fundamental elements of  Business Design those have stood the test of time.. ALSO I will reveal some OPEN SECRETS which created Million Dollar Enterprises…
You too can Design Your Business .. and become sab ki pasand.
If you would like to Re-Examine, Re-Tool, Re-Boot and Re-Start your business, then this is a must-attend orientation for you.
I must warn you, this is not for masses, it is for select entrepreneurs who are keen to take a plunge
Atul Puri - Creator of The Leverage Model