Legal Services
Atul-Puri 13th July 2018 891Category: Professional Services

Whether we like it or not, we have to abide by law of land. This becomes even more important for the businesses as they interact with multiple stakeholders – suppliers, partners, customers, consumers and employees. We stand by you to seek support in this important area of running a business. Here is a partial list of areas where you may need legal support –

  • Draft Agreements & Contracts to safeguard the larger interest of business
  • Arbitration
  • Legal proceedings / Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution – In the court and across the table as well
  • Protect Intellectual Property Rights
  • Proceedings for recovery of dues
  • International Law incase of cross border trade
  • Review and drafting documents for possible partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Contracts
  • Liquidation and Insolvency of companies
  • Economic Offences
  • Cheque Bounces
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) Matters, Banking Laws
  • Family Matters, Property Matters

eGrowth being a platform can help you connect to professionals who can address your specific needs. Do share your requirement and we will get you connected to appropriate professionals at the most amicable terms and conditions.

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