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Atul Puri 13th July 2018 486Category: Financial Services

Money is one of the most important resources to run a business and it is in high demand. We play our role in making it available to the needy and also we support those who are keen to invest to explore avenues for investment. So we categorize this into 2 broad categories –

  • Seeking Investment
  • Investor services

Seeking Investment

Business Expansion forces a business to look at many avenues to raise money. We are your partner in the search. Some of the possibilities are –

  • Business Loans – We have a number of loan providers, Banks, NBFCs and private lenders who extend money as debt instruments on various terms and conditions. These can be Secure loans or Unsecured loans
  • Equity – This is the other traditional method of raising money. As a business you will dilute your equity and write a certain percentage of your business to the party who invests money in your business
  • Angel Investment – This is a very popular method for Start-Up ecosystem wherein an individual invests capital into a business against some ownership. Very often they also contribute to the business through their guidance and advisory to mitigate some challenges. This is a very philanthropic investment model
  • Partnership – In Startup ecosystem you would call this as finding a Co-Founder, We promote this in the traditional businesses where it becomes a win-win proposal for all the stake holders

As eGrowth we play an active role in helping you raise money through an appropriate method. This is done against a fee which is pre-determined. If you are looking to raise money, do ping us and we can surely do something for you

Investor Services

We work closely with the entrepreneurs who seek investment, being a platform we also work with the financial institutions or individual investors who are seeking to invest somewhere. If you fall in one of the categories, you must definitely reach out to us –

  • A financial services company who has a corpus to invest.
  • A wealthy person looking to invest in other businesses
  • An investment company you may be looking for opportunities to park your money such that it grows at a healthy rate.
  • A financial services company who offers loans and investment services

If you are keen to invest and are looking for avenues, we may be able to get you connected to some amazing opportunities.

If you are a first time investor, we will also help you with complete cycle of identifying opportunities, evaluation,  due diligence, documentation and sealing the deal.

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