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Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Multi Level Marketing are some of the names for a form of marketing which leverages and rewards the human resource for spreading the word. At eGrowth we recognize this model of Business Development and we are committed to support you to build your business.

In our endeavour to support you in building your direct marketing business, we can help you with resources to learn, and build your business. You can expect the following on eGrowth –

  • Use the platform to get discovered
  • Some excellent trainers who can guide you to keep your business on track
  • Independent Business Owners who can introduce the opportunity to you
  • You may leverage the platform to post Blogs and Articles about your opportunity
  • You may also help people educate on this form of marketing and thus extend an opportunity to them
  • You may also list events where such opportunities are being extended

What you MUST NOT DO –

  • Stalk people on the platform with your opportunity.
  • Introduce the opportunity only when it is solicited
  • Spam the people with data about your opportunity.

If we get such reports, you may be asked to quit the platform.

Some of the brands being represented on eGrowth are –

  • Naswiz Retails Private Limited
  • Optymystix Enterprise India Limited
  • Jeunesse Global

If you wish to consider any of these opportunities, do write to us and we will be able to connect you to appropriate business owners

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