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Mr. Vivekh Pathak
Certified Financial Planner, Author, Coach

Ever Realised why only a select few become wealthy? Because they make the right decisions since the very first investment decision and have a guide and mentor from whom they seek the right Advice. Vivekh is a leading Certified Financial Planner and among the leading Mutual Fund analysts in the country. He has been helping Families, Business owners, professionals like Lawyers, CA, Doctors, Pilots, Salaried Employees, C-Level Executives in MNC and organisations like - (CEO,CFO,CXO, CTO, CMO's), Retired Persons, Personnel from Armed Forces, Police and Paramilitary services in their personal financial planning and helps them draw a clear strategy to achieve their financial goals and also helps them execute these strategies by click of a button. A regular review keeps the clients' updated and also precautionay steps are taken to be in sync with the Markets to ensure nt only wealth is being created but also protected by using Advanced Asset allocation and Rebalancing strategies, universally used by wealthiest people during their investing career. Services I Provide: 1) Fee-based - Unbiased investment Advisory - Comprehensive Financial Planning - clear understand of Financial Goals and Strategies to Achieve the Goals. 2) Risk Management and Insurance Advisory - Life Insurance, Health, General Insurance (How much adequate Cover is required and which Plans would suit your needs) - You Can save lakhs by not investing in wrong product's forced by bankers and Agents. Choose the right products according to your goals. 3) Expert advice on scheme Selection on Mutual Funds - Very important. its not the returns or the TOP 5 Schemes to choose your investment schemes from. It's the a) Risk these schemes undertake, b) the consistent higher risk-adjusted returns they are able to generate despite taking risks, c) the capacity to protect your investments from downturn/fall in markets and d) the ability of the Fund Manager to generate higer returns from the benchmark.
Mr. Vivekh Pathak
22 March
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