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Mr. Manan Vasa
Business Consulting, Trainer, Business Coach, Productivity Consultant

Manan Vasa’s core competency is Productivity & Leadership. He has a unique ability of inculcating in people and teams, an ability to produce Tangible Results in a Time-bound manner as a Habit. He has the ability to bring clarity and focus in planning projects and creating work breakdown structures for effective execution. He has invested over a decade to reduce his own discovery & learnings into what is now called the Make It Happen Framework© which is the heart of everything that they do at Unleashed Consulting. This Practical Model proves that when a person develops a specific relationship with (Habits around) Time, Focus, Clarity & Reality, any result can be produced. To make this Framework implementable on a bigger scale, he designed a 3 month workshop called ‘The Colloquium – Mastering Million Dollar Habits’. Over 250 projects have been successfully completed by using this Framework in the last 24 months alone. Many people have increased their business by 2-3 times in under 3 months using his Framework. His workshops dramatically increase people’s efficiency, reduce their stress, increase focus and leave them with an unquestionable competency to produce results that otherwise seem impossible.
Mr. Manan Vasa
21 January

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