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Mrs. Riddhi Doshi Patel
I am a strong, independent, educated and passionate woman

I am a strong, independent, educated, passionate woman, a TEDx Speaker, Performance Skills, a Behavioral Coach, practising Child Psychologist & Psychotherapist. I work extensively in the domain of women and youth. My strength comes from my family that supports me and encourages me. My independence makes sure that I am responsible for my actions and ensures that I face challenges and adversities headlong. My education helps me educated others and share my knowledge with the less privileged and those in need. My passion encourages me create venues where I can connect with women and children from all walks of life & platforms and help them find their true selves. I am a strong believer of good intentions and that small things/actions make a great difference.
Mrs. Riddhi Doshi Patel
17 October
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