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We help Business Enterprises and Individuals grow by offering services under two verticals: 1. Marketing Consultancy:helping FMCG organisations to create effective strategies in alignment with overall business goals. Whether its an established brand, a new brand or about to be launched brand, it will be called as a "Product" till the time its value and essence are created and strategized towards building a brand. Consumers buy benefits. Is your product providing value to its users? Who are your users? Will they remain loyal to you even after next 5 years? Are you adopting measures and tools to engage your consumers? Are you open to innovations in your product, processes and systems? Is your product pricing justified? Whether your product has a PERSONA and can it communicate silently on shelf? Will all this and more ..we help you create value for your brand and strategize its path to enable its deserved growth. Beneficiaries: Entrepreneurs and Professionals, SMEs 2. Education on Success strategies and Goal Setting As we all know that Success is a mindset and to achieve success the brain needs to be groomed and conditioned well . Certified from Jack Canfield, Monika delivers the Success Strategies education through workshops, trainings-inbound and outbound and blogs. The Success Principles Programme™ will help Students,Professionals,Leaders & Entrepreneurs to: 1. Take charge and full responsibility of their Professional & Personal lives; thus delivering productive & effective results to organization 2. Gain more clarity on their vision and goals and help them to be aligned in a better way 3. Help to persevere in the face of hardships while facing rejections & fears 4. Help professionals to work in team With over 20 years work experience in various industries, and laddered from Marketing Executive to Vice President(Marketing), I am fortunate to continue to fuel my passion of developing people. Over 10,000 people trained in 20 years work experience and continue to do so.
New Delhi
29 July

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