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Jamuna Rangachari
i am an author, writer and a trainer in spoken and written English

My journey of stepping into writing began I realised that there are many ideas I wished to convey to all without sounding judgemental or patronising. Writing then became my passion as I was able to do all of this quite effectively. This connected me with a variety of people who shared their journeys with me. In the midst of all this, I was diagnosed and recovered from multiple sclerosis that also got published as a book. I am certain that my recovery was possible not just because of the techniques that I used, most of which was alternative healing techniques but also because I used the approach of body, mind and spirit healing, where the spirit gives us faith, mind gives us positivity and the body follows the instructions that it receives. I have been the Asst Editor of Life Positive magazine and trained people, both children and adults in spoken and written English. All through my journey, I have realised how powerful writing is to convey messages of who we are. Now, six books of mine have been published. These comprise of two books for children; a collection of short stories on religion and an adventure story published by Rupa & Co. A book of Teaching Stories published by Life Positive in 2008. More Teaching Stories published in 2011, Elixir for Zylake, a childrens’ book published by Life Positive in December 2013 and Dancing with Life published by Hay House in 2015. I have also self-published a novel on Kindle recently. The novel is all about the quest of identity interwoven in the loves and lives of three generations of people in India and Afghanistan. The story conveys the emotions of people in the pre-independence era when Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Mahatma Gandhi were pretty active in spreading their message of non-violence. It shows how common people were affected both by physical violence and non-inclusion in their own land. Some pre-Independence violence and disharmony is conveyed while even the current terrorism and intolerance is brought out with the end ending on a note of hope and love. The primary message that the novel seeks to convey is the commonality of all people and their emotions and a search that all of us have for our own roots and identity. The novel ultimately brings out the fact that humanity is indeed one and our identity, no matter what the origin may be, is one of oneness, unity and love. For, we all are indeed from the same source, whatever we may call it. It can be seen at https://www.amazon.in/Quest-Love-Enlightenment-Jamuna-Rangachari-ebook/dp/B075YCQGXC
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06 November
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