Product Detail

eGrowth Enterprise Subscription
eGrowth Enterprise Subscription. is value for money for an enterprise. As an Enterprise customer you can have multiple members who can post as the enterprise. The privileges of being an Enterprise Subscriber are - 1. You can have a Business portrait for your businesses. This allow you to post on the wall, post requirements, display products, services, deals, blog and events. to promote your business 2. You can have unlimited connections on eGrowth 3. You can host eGrowth Mixers and promote your business offline to the community 4. Your representatives can be on multiple eGrowth WhatsApp groups And there are a host of paid services for the enterprise, to take your business to great heights. The members can have personal profiles and can post / respond to unlimited leads, post blogs, events, ask questions, and network with fellow members. For Associations and membership based organizations, you can manage your memberships on the platform
Base Price: ₹35000
GST: ₹0
Shipping Charges: ₹0
PG Charges: ₹0
Egrowth Charges: ₹0
Total Amount: ₹35000