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Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
Transformational Growth Coach, GOPTA NLP Trainer

Being an Author, Growth Accelerator Coach, GOPTA NLP Trainer, Certified Social Panaroma Consultant & Strategic Interventionist and recipient of Honorary Doctorate of Excellence from Young Scientist University, California, USA, I help people & organisations to grow at faster pace in their personal & professional lives through my concept GOPTA NLP. I believe that working on self is the most important aspect of success, as underachievement to your own potential is another name of failure. I have done fusion of my trademark growth model GOPTA with the concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and with various other communicative intelligence modalities provided by researchers over a period of time and I have created an ultimate growth model in the name & style of ‘GOPTA NLP’. While GOPTA provides you the thought process of remaining goals oriented and possess positive outlook while taking persistent actions towards your goals; NLP equips you with methodologies & techniques to enhance the speed of your journey to your desired outcomes. Communicative Intelligence improves your communications in personal as well as in professional lives. In essence, GOPTA NLP is an ultimate growth model. I am the Founder of International GOPTA NLP Academy. I am offering franchisees of GOPTA NLP framework to the trainers worldwide so that they can also come to India to learn this growth model and teach to their countrymen under certification of International GOPTA NLP Academy. I am the author of bestselling books 'How to Add 1000 Productive Hours A Year to Your Life' (English & Hindi both) and 'Sleep - It's Body Repair Time' (English & Hindi both). I also conduct workshops titled 'Ethical Mind Influence', 'Convert More Clients' and 'Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery'. My present areas of focus are to conduct workshops at India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, UK, Australia and Mauritius.
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
08 July
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