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Ms. Divya Nagpal
Org Trainer, Strategc HR Consltnt,Leadership Coach

I support Individuals and Organizations, achieve effectiveness in Goals, they defined for themselves and grow in their career & business. I train and coach the people, such that they get effectiveness and create harmony and synergy with people in their life, with self and situations. For Individuals – I train and coach people in transitioning into higher level of performance, new role, new business. I empower them to go beyond their limitations, be aware of mind patterns and grow in area of professional success, relationships, happiness and passions For Organizations – HR systems and processes - I help organisations set up their HR department, processes and systems, such that the employees. processes and culture of the organization are aligned to the goals of the organization I train the employees to achieve envisioned organizational goals, in harmony with the organization culture and processes. With 28 years of being HR head in the corporate world, in various industries, IT, Sales and hospitality, I have been associated with CEOs, Leaders of Indian and global and being a coach, empowering and supporting CEOs and executives, I am honored to touch more than 15001 souls in my career, both in Multinationals and Indian houses. Education – HR from IIM Kolkata Diploma in CSR through scholarship by Sweden Government MBA Coaching certification in Intelligent Leadership by John Mattone (ex-coach of Steve Job)
Ms. Divya Nagpal
New Delhi
03 August

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1. Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand and grow their company. 2. Organizations who want a) to create effective HR processes and systems b) are struggling with their employees discipline, output. c) to train their employees in soft skills, or their managers in managerial skills. d) to develop a organization culture which helps them be effective, aligned to their goals and creates a employer branding. 3. Individuals - who a) want to enhance their effectiveness in their career, relationships, passion etc. b) are stuck in what they really want to do, and cant go beyond.
I support people transition in their career with ease and comfort, from one role to another / one level to another / one industry to another / Corporate to entrepreneurship, creating harmony and synergy with others, self and situations. 1. COACHING – Life and Executive Coaching in Intelligent Leadership through developing their inner (self, beliefs, thoughts etc) and outer core. 2. Life Coaching – Emotional Intelligence, going beyond the mind set barriers and achieving success in areas of life such as relationship, passion etc. 3. Training – The focus is around getting people to create harmony and synergy with others, situations and self a) Trust Building b) Conversations – A Game changer b) Handling the millennials d) Influencing Skills and communication for effectiveness 4.Special Program – Culture Building 5. Creating HR systems - HR policies, Performance mgt, Productivity systems, POSH etc.
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Headline : Behavioural Training, Leadership & Life Coaching, Strategic HR Consultancy
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