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Divya Nagpal
*NAME:* DIVYA NAGPAL *MOBILE:*  +919650394394 *EMAIL ID:* DIVYA@DIVYANAGPAL.COM *CITY:* DELHI *MY OFFERS:* I sell the following and am willing to extend a deal, given here - ?Product:  Training in soft skills and trainings. I train and coach people, so you increase effectiveness in your work and relationships.  ?Service: each one of us face struggles either with other people, situations or even with self. These are route cause that impact the work effectiveness.  I help making your life smooth and simple, and increase effectiveness. Training programs are around synergy and harmony with other people. - handling the millennials - team handling solutions - right hiring (interview skills) - team building and synergies - trust building - communication a game changer Coaching- we struggle with ourselves a well through fears, self doubt etc, and we don\'t even know that. In one to one coaching, I help you go beyond such barriers so you are effective in your work and relationships.  You get to know your strengths and generate synergy between heart, brain and your strengths. Eliminating struggles. This helps you get to next level of revenue, promotion , new location, new boss, new business. I am a transition coach. HR PROCESSES - most of HR policies fail, because they are not in synergy with employees, organisation goals and organization culture. I create HR policies in synergy and harmony with org culture and employees ?People: my customers are - Professional individuals - CEOs of start ups and SMEs - business owners - funded start ups and SMEs