Newsletter 5th June 2018

Reinventing ourselves with Solar

Whatever our profession or way of life, we must remember that life is indeed full of changes that we should respond to each of them in the best possible manner to lead a complete life and create a complete world for us which in turn creates a better world for everyone.

This newsletter of ours brings to your attention how much we need to do to protect the environment for we do have only one planet and polluting it is only going to damage all areas of our existence. It is said that if we harm others, the harm is bound to strike at us, sometime or the other.

Though we may be backward in some areas, India is also blessed with amazing resources and yes, amazing brains. Yes, we can indeed save the planet and by extension, ourselves too by trying to do our best to not harm the environment and use natural, yes, natural resources to the maximum extent possible. This is not all that difficult if we decide to step in the right direction. For this we do need to be aware of everything that is happening around us.

We do know that there are many things we could do but we could at least begin with small steps to make it clear on what we need to do so that the world becomes a better place for us and everyone around us.


In India, one of the resources we have in plenty is course the sun, though we may cribbing about the heat, it is also an amazing source of energy. Our article in this newsletter brings this to your attention in

We hope we all take it seriously and not crib at the sun but thank it for the tremendous power it gives us.