Newsletter 29 April 2018

The growing world of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is something that is being noticed by all in India now. After this notice, there has been empowerment in all areas. Women of course have arrived which is why many camps are being conducted for them as well. Companies like Google also are conducting training for all entrepreneurs and we bring this to your attention.

The government is also trying its best to play a role in the area of encouraging talent in the world of entrepreneurs. We bring you one such program that aims to encourage innovative entrepreneurs in the commercial world.

Growing rich can happen for all of us which is one of our premium members says in his interview with us.

Fashion is often seen as a forte for women but this is not really true as there are many men doing excellent work here too. We bring you the story of one such entrepreneur.

We do look forward to your suggestions on how we could make our newsletter more beneficial for all of us as after all, we can only grow together in the space we are in. From just being competitive, we could share and build each other’s presence in the world of entrepreneurship.

DFID India, Shell Foundation & Zone Startups India Launch POWERED – An Entrepreneurship Program for Women-led Energy Businesses

POWERED seeks to identify early stage companies, led by women entrepreneurs and leaders, innovating across technology and business models in the broader energy domain, which includes but not limited to Access to Energy, Sustainable Mobility and Waste to Value.

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Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India to train 7,000 in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) will provide entrepreneurship support to over 7,000 youth in 40 districts as a part of the joint program of Department of Science and Technology (DST), National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Government of India, said the statement by EDII.

The government of India has identified 115 districts for rapid transformation, sustainable development and growth in the areas of nutrition, education, health, skill development and entrepreneurship amongst others. EDII will look after science and technology as well as entrepreneurship.

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Google Plans Solve For India Programme To Support Indian Startups

Program Will Provide Mentoring For Deploying Machine Learning And AI To Build Solutions For India

Building on its effort to support the growing number of Startups focussing on building solutions to Solve for India and its local needs, Google India hosted a four day mentorship bootcamp for teams of ten Indian startups.

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Indian Government launches programme to support deep tech innovation and commercialisation in critical areas