Newsletter 27 July 2018

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion nowadays and does wish to voice it too. There are agreements, disagreements, debates and arguments galore. Yes, we are well informed but is this really taking us in the right direction in our lives? We must ponder on this.

Still, in so much of confusion and debate on what is necessary and what is important, we all do know that cleanliness is indeed smart for us and by extension, for the environment.There can be a lot of differences but this is truly one area that everyone agrees on.

When everyone agrees, we are certain that the solution shall indeed come and hopefully, come soon.

In this context, we bring to you an article that brings this to light

Making Smart Cities Clean and Greem

It is important that our cities are “smart” in all areas, including cleanliness

As per the reports, 75% of the population would be living in the urban lands worldwide by 2050. The recent findings also suggest that the energy consumption is more than 80% in the urban spaces all across the globe. The phenomenon is more observed in the underdeveloped and the developing nations. The policy makers and the corporates linked to the implementation of the policies along with the stakeholders are tackling with this current problem of use of scarce resources. The polluting environment in the area is only one side of the coin. The maintenance of infrastructure and the conservation of energy with the promotion of greener and cleaner cities acts as the other side. The smart energy solutions need to be provided in these areas. The identification of 98 smart cities is done as part of the project.

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