Newsletter 22 April 2018

Entrepreneurs in India and people following their passion

There are many aspects of our own country that we do not know much about or simply ignore.  We must realise that the more we focus on the positive, the more positivity itself increases around us and slowly but steadily around everyone. This is why we at egrowth try to being to our attention all that is positive in the world of entrepreneurs.

According to online studies conducted earlier this year for rankings on the best places for female entrepreneurship, India went up on the list compared to its position in 2013! What’s more, India’s female entrepreneurship environment exposes statistics of improvement with respect to women finding opportunities to start ventures (60%), validation with respect to skills (52%) and do not feel the impending doom of failure for their startup (57%). On this happy note, we definitely feel we are indeed moving forward in the journey of our growth.

A nation can after all move forward only when it is held together by both men and women in harmony

We bring to you how women get empowered through financial literacy as this brings in confidence in their life. When the world recognises our women and entrepreneurs, it does indicate we are on the right path. The Commonwealth in Chennai had a session with women entrepreneurs while Australia seeks to learn from our entrepreneurs.

We bring to your attention the story of one of our active premium members, Geeta Nandakumar who shall tell you all about her journey.

Princess are not in mansions alone, they are indeed human beings with a path they chart for themselves. Aaliya is definitely one of a kind and we are happy to be writing about her.

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Financial literacy builds confidence in women entrepreneurs, says Shamina Singh

Opportunities for women entrepreneurs have been growing globally. Women from different walks of life are seen experimenting with various business models and are carving a place for themselves with their entrepreneurial skills.

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When women begin to see life as a game of chess

Over the last decade, women entrepreneurs in India have been breaking the glass ceiling, contributing greatly to the country’s economy.

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Australian State NSW To Invest AUS $1.6 Mn to help Startups Learn from India

Gladys Berejiklian, an Australian politician who is a Premier of New South Wales (NSW)– a southeastern Australian state, today announced a two-year $1.58 million partnership between NSW and India to enhance the State’s startup, technology and advanced manufacturing sectors.

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Exploring life and  creativity

There are some people who listen to their heart and in the process, discover their passion. This actually makes them great entrepreneurs.  One of them is Geeta Nandakumar, who happens to be our active premium member.

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Adventures with fossils, dinosaurs and a princess

We think of princesses as being connected to fashion, style or glamour. There are some who are refreshingly different, one of the rare ones being Aalilya Sultana Babi.

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