Newsletter 13 July 2008

Avoid Plastic and Save the Environment

We must take care of the environment if we want a safe world.

Everyday you do things to keep yourself, your family and your environment safe. You eat right, exercise, recycle and do so much more. But sometimes, it is the simple things you forget you do that have the most impact on your health and environment. Recently, there has been news about the harmful effects of plastic. Plastics are everywhere and they are used on a daily basis. Whether it is your lunch box, drinking bottle, storage containers or carry bags, they are mostly made of plastic. Plastics are being used in a number of ways and they are available in many varieties. But the problem is that some of them contain toxic substances that can influence their properties such as hardness, texture and color. These properties are changed by manufacturers to reduce cost of the item or to improve its performance, although it is clear that the substances or additives being present in plastics can cause harm.

In our country, we all can learn a lot from the state of our own State, that of Sikkim, which is doing wonderful work in this area.

The fact is, Sikkim is a place very few of us know about or relate to but it has indeed shown us the path to be friendly to the environment.

On Plastic, let us learn from Sikkim

As a major producer of plastic that ends up in the oceans, India is arguably the best place to host World Environment Day.

In their response to the crisis, communities and environmentally minded individuals are ahead of governments and municipal authorities. They segregate waste, compost at home, conduct  social events that are plastic free and help recover materials that would otherwise just be dumped in the suburbs and wetlands. Here, the government also needs to play a role.

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