Newsletter 06 May 2018

There has been a lot that is happening in the world of entrepreneurs. Globally, countries and organisations are indeed recognising that it is people who have the courage to follow their dreams and passion in all areas of life become entrepreneurs and they are the ones who define cultures and the way a country or a region develops. This has always been the case, just that this is being recognised and encouraged in today’s globalised world.

We bring to you developments in this area and hope this thought process grows more and more making the world of entrepreneurs more tightly linked.

The government is stepping in to make it easier for everyone to do business including simplification in ways of paying tax.

On another note, the rising oil prices do seem to be a concern for the oil industry.

Women of course are stepping in all areas of development, from running companies to being trend setters and combining social responsibilities in their work as well.

We at eGrowth have always encouraged women as we have seen their passion and drive in whatever they take up.

We bring to you stories of our premium member and another trendsetting entrepreneur, both of whom happen to be women. We are happy to be covering them in this edition of ours.

GST Council unveils new, simplified return filing process

The GST Council on Friday unveiled a new simplified return that would require a taxpayer to file only one return every month and set a period of six months for the transition to take place.

Sebi allows F&O trading till midnight from Oct

Mumbai: Come October 1, Indian investors may be able to trade in equity derivatives contracts till almost midnight.

Harvard: India will be world’s fastest growing economy in coming decade

Upbeat India is projected to grow at 7.9% annually, ahead of China and the US, says a Harvard University report

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How rising crude prices will impact Indian oil industry

India has been a major beneficiary of the fall in international crude oil prices over the past few years.

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Enabling personal growth as an entrepreneur

Riddhi Doshi is a performance skills trainer, behavioural training coach cum child psychologist and an entrepreneur who is one of our premium members. She works with women and children to help them unleash their potential and inborn talents.

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Keeping data safe and secure
Shivangi Nadkarni works in two core areas of Information Risk – Information Security and Data Privacy, a concern for many in today’s world.

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