Ensuring people get true justice


It has often been said that a society functions well only when true justice is given to all sections of society where no one ever forfeits their rights. In the era where very few people have the time to listen and guide people on the right path, especially in the legal area, it is extremely heartening to come across people like Mr Vishal Garg who have taken up the path of advocacy to guide people and ensure they get justice.


Answers to a few queries of ours


What made you step into the domain you are in now?


Initially, I wanted to become a chartered accountant and therefore I opted for the commerce stream in my 11th Standard. After I passed my 12th standard, my father forced to prepare for civil services to become an IAS officer since he is a retired civil servant.


Though I never wanted to enter the civil services, I prepared for the same half-heartedly due to family pressure.


This did have one benefit. While preparing for the civil services exams, I became a vicarious reader of many newspapers and magazines. While reading  newspapers every day, I came across various burning issues in the society which were severely affecting women, the poor and other disadvantaged groups in the country. This made me feel that I should help to bring justice for these disadvantaged groups .


This was the reason for my dream of opting for the domain of advocacy.


What makes you feel you have taken the right step?


In our legal profession, the person facing any injustice in any form approaches us for  relief and justice. Whenever I am able to get justice for the affected party, I feel that I have taken the right step at the right time to serve the society.


When in a challenging situation, who or what has helped you overcome it?


It is  hard work and the blessings of God which has helped me overcoming any  challenging situation.


What is the principle you follow in ensuring you give good advice?


I place myself in the position of my client and then decide the best course of action available to get him/her the Justice.


What is the motto of your professional life?


he motto of my professional life is to become the best legal advisor/advocate and people identify/recognise my work because of my positive contribution in the legal field.


Who are the people who have inspired you?


The top notch lawyers who commenced their practice in legal field and contributed a lot for the society have inspired me the most for becoming the lawyer.


What is the vision for your future?


My vision is to be a seasoned lawyer of India.


 Is there anything else you would like to share with us?


I would like to share that a person facing any problem must contact/seek legal advice immediately from any good lawyer which may help him/her in overcoming various problems. To substantiate my view, I endorse a very famous quote “A stitch in time saves nine”.

As I finish my interview, I feel extremely happy to have come across a lawyer who has joined this field not merely for wealth or fame but for advocacy which is what the true purpose of the legal field is.