eGrowth Mixer – South Delhi on 13th December 2017
Group Photo - eGrowth Mixer- South Delhi, 13 December 2017

7 of us met at New Delhi for eGrowth Mixer. Here is a summary of the progress.

1. Atul Puri – Founder, eGrowth
2. Maneesh Bajaj -Bajaj Meditronics
3. Rajesh Pandit – Amicus Infotech
4. Shabana Khan – Indian Research Academy
5. Manish Kumar – CA
6. Harish S Gupta – Rajat Electricals
7. Abhaya Maurya – AM Realtors

Key highlights
1. A round of introductions
2. eGrowth webportal ( was launched.
3. Best practices for software development discussed
4. Requirements exchanged
5. eGrowth Roundtable. In this segment we delebrate on one aspect of business, having one participant upfront and others contributing

We delibrated on creating a larger vision for an enterprise. –
1. A larger picture is present in bits and pieces
2. It is not clear what will it take to have that larger picture be present
3. Lack of trust is one of the key hurdles in playing big
4. One key to play big is creating partnerships
5. Partnership is not about having partners in business, it is about having an attitude wherein you trust others with parts of your business
6. One hurdle in the way is some incidences, earlier on where partnership was breached