What Works today (in Business) might won’t  …work tomorrow. World is rapidly shifting and so is Marketing. People are becoming more and more digitzed. Here is a chance to foresee the changing technology and embrace it with ease. Institute of Digital Marketing is hosting hands-on workshop on DIGITAL MARKETING along with 2 days follow up sessions to Know How to Embrace & Leverage the Digital-Tools to Grow Your Business This full day workshop will help you improve your ability to Know your Target Market, How to generate excellent content to attract them, Engage them and lastly Make them delighted Customers. Also understand the impact of online marketing activities on your business and optimize your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness and growth.   Your Takeaways:
  • Analyze a variety of digital marketing tools (websites, emails, blogs, and social platforms) MOST suited for your Business and effective uses.
  • Identify your target market via online.
  • Know What is content marketing? How & Where to Get Content from?
  • Online lead generation & conversion.
  • Search optimization, goals and analytics
  • Putting together a complete and compelling marketing strategy, using all of the tools.
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