eGrowth Mixer
eGrowth is a modern business networking platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It provides a dynamic ecosystem for business to flourish. It is designed for the ever-changing landscape of the market. It caters to both the brick and mortar world and the digital marketplace. The pathway is Contribution and Collaboration. This is an ongoing journey to cause Exponential Growth in Business. To create a Trust Network eGrowth operates through online and offline platforms. An eGrowth Mixer is an offline platform for business networking. These are small  groups of business owners, who come together to strengthen the bond between themselves. The outcome is Leads and Opportunities for business. Members can invite people who have not been on eGrowth earlier. Basic Details - Host: An annual subscriber of eGrowth, A business owner, who declares a weekly Mixer, arranges for the place and invites other business owners. He / She also promotes the Mixer on eGrowth platforms and other platforms as well Size: Typically 15 – 20 business owners Duration: 3 Hours Venue: Typically host’s Office. It can also be other locations such as her / his residence,  cafes, clubs etc.
Khar West