Global Education Ideas - eGrowth Mixer
An eGrowth Mixer is an offline platform for business networking. These are small  groups of business owners, who come together to strengthen the bond between themselves. The outcome is Leads and Opportunities for business. Members can invite people who have not been on eGrowth earlier. Basic Details - Host: An annual subscriber of eGrowth, A business owner, who declares a weekly Mixer, arranges for the place and invites other business owners. He / She also promotes the Mixer on eGrowth platforms and other platforms as well Size: Typically 15 – 20 business owners Duration: 3 Hours Venue: Typically host’s Office. It can also be other locations such as her / his residence,  cafes, clubs etc. Global Education Ideas is here to make sure you get the best of service, advice, and guidance while you make your decision to study or stay abroad. Over the last decade, we have worked with the management and principals of various schools like Ryan International, Apeejay School, G.D.Goenka, Amity, DPS, Army Public School, for NASA student visits along with various other astronomy and educational programmes. As an educator, leader and tour director, we have gained various valuable insights of students which include their inspirations, their approach to things and many more. we have been able to make them adaptable in a foreign land. Having been successful in providing visas to more than 2500 families to the USA, now we are approaching towards shaping their careers towards Overseas Education by providing them honest and credible advice. Overall these years, we have handled students and lead them through innumerable challenges.  Also, there have relied on me to guide their wards and bring the best out of them. we have been clear and honest with the parents and this is the sole reason that they have built their trust and faith in Global Education Ideas.