How to Manufacture Time
Do you want to double your income by doing just half of the work you are doing? Do you want to have abundance of time with your kids, family and yourself? If yes, then you have to become more productive. And, the only way to become productive is to Hack time. My name is Chandan Goyal. I am India's No.1 Time and Productivity Hacker and I am going to give you the hacks used by Billionaires, Olympic Athletes and Top CEO's through which you will able to create as much time as you want. Top 2 takeaways from this workshop are:
  1. Your focus will become 5X sharper.
  2. You will be having time worth 14 months in a year instead of just 12 months.
Only first 20 people who register for this workshop will also get my bestseller book- How to Manufacture Time? I look forward to create magic in your life!
Crowne Plaza, Okhla