Special LIVE Mystic Healings with Shri Viral Manek
*Special LIVE Mystic Healings with Shri Viral Manek*_
_*30th July 8.20pm to 9.20pm*_
_*The world is going through a health crisis right now. Hospitals are filled with Corona patients and a person with other illnesses is facing challenges.*_
 _*It’s important for all of us to stay healthy and be in balance. Of course immunity is important but there are lots of misconceptions that are spreading.*_
_*In current times we need an easy and effective healing process that accelerates your healing process of your health.*_
_*In an exclusive group healing session with Mystic Guru, Shri Viral Manek can help you*_
_*Restore health.*_
_*Understand true healing.*_
_*Helps to improve immunity.*_
_*Effective guidance on being healthy.*_
_*Healing by mantra and channel sounds.*_
_*It’s an unique opportunity to experience the mysticism of Shri Viral Manek that finds and heals the hidden aspects of your health.*_
_*Join Mystic Guru, Shri Viral Manek LIVE on Zoom!*_
_*With a LIVE interaction time with Shri Viral Manek*_
_*To get rapid results, you will have to have firm belief, trust, and faith.*_
_*So, Act, and Register Now to experience the most profound healing powers of Mystic Guru, Shri Viral Manek*_