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Unlike local business, International Business is Complex,. It has its own language, norms, documentation and method to do business & structure. This during this week course may give overview of what all Business Opportunities are available for mainly by Imports fecilitation by Indenting (and  Exports by reverse Indenting).
This week* would be good chance to probably book your seat during lock down period to get going in business and expanding beyond INDIAN Boundaries How?
Regular 12th Batch in Lock Down Period will be starting on 7th July till 11th July 2020 for 5 days and daily minimum two hours, between 8.30pm till 10.30 pm.
More than Hundreds of Participants are given exposure to this new Module Business to do add on business, diversification’s and make another source of income and also, this can be applied to your existing business expansion by exports or import or extending new uses or approaching new buyers.
Who can attend, Full of Cross Section from Businessman, Businesswoman, Manufacturers, Traders, Stockists, Contractors, Developers, Builders, Engineers to Accountants to Merchant Navy Person to Educationist to Doctorate or Masters in Science, Marketers, IT Graduates,  Exporter, Importers, or Commerce or Arts Graduate, etc with Few Years of Experience in job or business or Fresh Graduates but with burning desire to either start his / her Own Business or Existing Businessman to Diversify into different products & territories beyond geographical boundaries.
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For enrollment of this course, fees, etc; Contact (with your details of name, location, what do you do now, sevice, consulting, business which products handled, etc ) *instant on what’s app no. /Mob * +91 9769582375 * & *+91 9769582343 **
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