Ethical Mind Influence - Teachers
Specially Designed for Teachers & Faculty of Educational/ Coaching Institutes Ethical Mind Influence Masterclass - Be a 'Master Influencer' for your students. In this 2-hours of action-packed Masterclass, you will learn GOPTA NLP & Communicative Intelligence based Hacks that will help you to: ? Become more influential among your students without appearing excessively pushy, demanding or aggressive; ? Get more success in facilitating learning among your students using Communicative Intelligence Techniques; and? ? Hit subconscious mind of your students to make them understand their outcomes and guide them to their desired outcomes; And all this will help you to master your communications to win that elusive love & respect from your students and enriching your personal & professional relationships. TO KNOW MORE & REGISTER FOR FREE please visit Date & Time:- Aug 16 (Sunday) 4 PM to 6 PM Venue : ONLINE Zoom Session Language : Hindi With thanks & regards,
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