CEO Talks Episode 146 *TOPIC - *CHANAKYA's CHAKKRYAVYUH* - Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh - The Game of Money is a board game to give you an experiential learning into dealing with money and its effects. *JOIN THE TALK* *Monday, 17th August*, *TIME - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, India time* LINK Zoom ID : 622 633 944 *THE SPEAKER* Rajiv Shah, an  Entrepreneur is on a mission with a vision to Educate, Enlighten, Empower, Excel, Expand and Enrich people about their true financial potential and a holistic relationship of our mind with Money…. *THE HOST - Mr. Atul Puri* Mr. Atul Puri is a simplification and business leverage expert. He is the author of G.O.L.F. Mastering Business Success and is also the founder of eGrowth - The Leverage Platform COLLABORATION | EXCELLENCE | OPPORTUNITIES ************************************************************************************************************ C.E.O. Talks are interactive sessions With Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs and For Entrepreneurs. These happen every day - These talks are organized by eGrowth – The Leverage Platform. To know more about eGrowth – The Leverage Platform visit