Business Growth Meet
Virtual Business Growth Meet 2020 STARTS FROM 17 TH JULY - 19TH JULY Where- Online India’s Biggest Business Growth Meet 2020 The Future of the Successful Growth of Your Business Can Be Lead By 2 Things You can spend your precious time and money on Hit and Trial Methods taking high risks and wasting years with no or delayed results. You can get trained from experienced professionals to give a direction to your business to grow successfully, and save huge on unnecessary blunders. Risk is worth taking when you have a Direction and Realistic Goals Set. This Year we want you to come out stronger than ever before Dear Friends, Are you also facing the challenges of growing your business and are confused about the way forward? Do you also look at other businesses and think about how are they able to keep themselves moving forward when you are just trying to retain the old profits and customers?? This summit is the SOLUTION to everything! WE WILL BE FOCUSING ON IMPLEMENTATION of business strategy FOR TANGIBLE RESULTS Many of you have attended a lot of workshops during the lockdown. But this is not just about watching a youtube video OR just a motivational speech for how to make your business survive, this is all about TANGIBLE GROWTH and practical implementation. This event is not about WHAT and WHY. This event is about HOW? Therefore, we have few very renowned speakers with us on this platform to provide you the blueprints of how to grow your business even in these times. Why you should attend this Summit- Learn from over 15+ leading business coaches with a curated library of blueprints for varied business models and industry. Get professional guidance to harness the power of your business and get inspired to achieve goals. TAKEAWAYS:- 1. 10x your business using google forms, sheets, and sites. 2. Build a website and landing page in 10 mins using google sites 3. Use technology to automate and transform your business. 4. Business Tools and E-Books. 5. Secrets to build a million-dollar E-learning business 6. How to become a leading world-class influencer 7. How to make passive income using the existing wealth 8. Learn gratitude, wisdom, and integrity 9. Conscious Leadership