4 Tools to Get your Happy ON with Rohit Geet Batra
It may not be a thought feeling or emotion that you had today; It could be something from the past or even your childhood that you are holding true and have concluded it to be True always.
For example, You may have questioned existence of God and you were an Atheist and now you Aren’t; Or you could have believed in Ghosts as a Child and now you Don’t!
Or May be you aren’t even confronting many such unbeknown lies.
*What if, the decisions, Judgements, Conclusions and computations from past are hurting you severely while you are holding on to them unknowingly and that is what is keeping you stuck?*
*Have you been believing that you are unlucky? People are mean? You are not hard working? You are gullible? Money is Bad? Only Money attracts Money?*
Letting go requires acknowledgment and based on your past judgements of letting go off this call again is a choice, What’s yours?
*Raise the stakes, be willing to receive the reward for doing it.*
Join me this Friday at 6:30 PM to 9 PM for "4 Tools to Get your Happy ON” call to start bringing the change in your life which you have been waiting for!
*Fee INR 3100 ( for some it may be too less a fee to pay for the abundant life you can have)*
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